Book Review Guidelines

Book Reviews

General Guidance

American, British and Canadian Studies welcomes reviews of recent, innovative books in all the relevant fields, across the specter of English and the humanities, provided the review appears within less than 3 years since the publication date. While we commission book reviews of immediate scholarly interest, we accept unsolicited reviews by both established and early career volunteering reviewers.

Commissioned book reviews are approximately 750 words in length and expected to be completed within three months of receipt of the review copy. Please note that review copies may be sent to the reviewers electronically as an ebook.

Review Articles: The standard word count for review articles is 1500-2000 words (2500 words if three books are reviewed). Review articles should engage the work under review critically and provide an academic assessment of its distinctive contribution to the subject or theme. A brief literature review, situating the work within the broader scholarly context should be included.

Please send all correspondence relating to book reviews/ email your proposed review to

Please see our most recent issue for examples of our reviews format ( Our in-house style follows the standards of the MLA Style Guide, 7th edition.

In order to be added to our reviewer database, please contact us making reference to your area. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to review specific books.